Multi-Layered 3D Faux Mink Strip Eyelashes - The Ballet Dancer

New Hot Arrival
New Hot Arrival

Reusable, light weight lash extensions. The Ballet Dancer style is 3D faux round mink lash of medium volume measuring in approximately 4-13mm length; shortest to longest lashes respectively.

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  • Brand: Meinshenjie
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  • Return Policy: There are no refunds on custom made items. Payment for custom items are due in full prior to construction. There are no returns on personal care items which includes such items as wigs, hair bundles, eye lashes, opened spa products. This list is subject to change as shop offerings expands.

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Full strip hand-made lashes created with 30mm plastic cotton band and multiple layers of luxurious light weight strands with varying thicknesses and lengths for contrast and dramatic style. These lashes are reusable several times over. Each pair comes inside its own 110mm x 45mm x 12mm case that easily fits in a purse or pocket, which makes it easy and convenient for travel.