Pumpkin Spice Orange Ear Warmer and Infinity Scarf Set

Super Bulky and Soft Polyester 20-22 Inch Ear Warmer and 80 inch Infinity Scarf Set

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Polar vortex frosting your style, heat things up with this pumpkin spice ear warmer and infinity scarf set. Both ear warmer and scarf are single crocheted with 100% polyester super bulky 6 ply yarn, which guarantees thick, warm protection. Both pieces measure 4 inches thick. The ear warmer has a 20 inch circumference with up to a 2 inch stretch and the scarf measures 80 inches in circumference. Such a long scarf allows for a multitude of ways for it to be worn as well as protecting oneself from the bitter cold. The scarf can be wrapped up to 2x around the neck and can also be used as a hood as well. When the weather is not so frightful, you can ditch the scarf because the ear warmer doubles as a cowl. This super bulky yarn is known not only for its warmth but for its softness as well. The addition of fabric softener makes the item feels like being wrapped in a big soft plushy.  Warning: the scarf is not a toy. Be careful of doors, hooks and other impediments of moving vehicles when boarding and exiting if you decide to wear the scarf at full extension. As always, hand washing is best but this item can be machine washed and dried. Use cold water and low heat setting. Do not bleach or iron. Set weighs approximately one pound. Pumpkin spice set is shown on size 16 dress form under size 18 leather jacket. Any questions, please ask. More colors coming soon.

Super Bulky Yarn
6 Ply Polyester
80 x 4 inches
Ear Warmer
~20 x 4 inches