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Dangles Bangles More Co was founded in June 2016.  It is a small enterprise located in New York City dedicated to designing and manufacturing stylish original designs by hand and when possible, multi-functional jewelry, clothing and other accessories. DBMCO's offerings are created to accommodate a wide range of sizes. The shop also offers medium and large sizes and a few items for men. There are always new items being made all the time and there are plans to expand the collection to include non-handmade, yet trendy items. Custom orders are always welcome.  

Please note that Dangles Bangles More Co is a non-traditional retailer. Most items are made by hand and great care and time is taken when making the items for sale. As such, many items for sale are unique or very limited. Please keep this in mind when making purchases and/or placing custom orders. For more information on DBMCO's store policies, please see the frequently asked questions section of this website. Thank you.

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As a result of the changes that have and continue to take place due to COVID, Dangles Bangles More Co has decided to expand its offerings to include non handmade jewelry and accessories. DBMCO now offers beauty products such as wigs, skin and hair care items. Other offerings are coming. Please visit regularly to see changes. Subscribers will be updated via email. Thank you.