What types of payment does Dangles Bangles More Co accept?

Until further notice, Dangles Bangles More Co utilizes Paypal for all online transactions. In person non cash payments are also  processed with Paypal. The option allows our customers to purchase items  with their personal Paypal accounts as well as with the use of major debit or credit cards. We do accept cash payments at live events. Sorry, we do accept payment by money orders and checks at this time.

Why can't DBMCO ship items to my location?

Unfortunately, there could be a variety of reason why DBMCO cannot ship to your region at this time. The most pressing one pertains to shipping costs that would not be economically sustainable and/or feasible for DBMCO to engage in. Other reasons include laws prohibiting the entry of the sale item(s) you want from entering your country, state or province. For example, Spain does not allow human hair products into their country. We hope that in time, those issues more withing DBMCO influence, will be mitigated to further expand out reach to the global market place. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

How soon after making a purchase does my order gets shipped?

Dangles Bangles More Co accepts payments made by Paypal, most credit and debit cards and cash when sales are done in person. Items are shipped within 24- 48 hours of payments being processed. Orders placed on weekends will not be shipped until Monday. Please allow 4 to 5 business days for domestic delivery and 7-21 days for international orders. All customers receive notification via the email address they provided at registration indicating that their transaction has been processed and that shipment has taken place. Customers will also receive a tracking number once their order has shipped. If these information are not provided, please contact us via out contact page and our customer service department will reach out to you with a status update on your shipment.

What if my order arrives damaged or doesn't make it to me?

Dangles Bangles More Co takes great care in packaging all items sold to guarantee their protection during transit. However, we also understand that sometimes packages may become damaged while in transit regardless of the care we take on our end. In such an event, we cannot take responsibility for goods damaged during transit by the delivery service. In this event, we suggest that customers file a claim with the carrier service. If there are documents that Dangles Bangles More Co can provide to help you with your claim, you must contact Dangles Bangles More Co Customer Service department. Be sure to have your order details ready to provide to the customer service representative you speak with.

What if the item I got is not what I wanted?

At Dangles Bangles More Co we do our best to show and describe all items for sale as they are. However, we encourage all our customers to open their orders immediately upon arrival in order to check the status of their purchases. Check to see if garments or accessories are specifically what you wanted in regards to color and/or size where applicable. If any such issues should arise in these areas, please contact us immediately with a detailed message of the issue(s) with your purchase. Our customer service representative will contact you within in 24-48 hours regarding a resolution to your problem(s). If you have not damaged the item, we will arrange for the item to be exchanged or your purchase price refunded where applicable, minus shipping.

Does Dangles Bangles More Co accept custom orders?

Yes. Provided that we have the materials necessary for your project and accurate measurements that you will have to provide, we can make your project for you. Please note: custom projects are non refundable and non returnable. Payment for custom projects are due in in full after approval of project design is received from the customer so that manufacturing can commence. 

Are there items that can't be returned?

Yes. While we try to cater to all customers, there are some items that we cannot accept returns on. Such items include cosmetic and skin care products once they have been opened or held for more than 7 days as well as custom jewelry and custom clothing. Also included in the category of non-returnables are wigs and clothing that have been worn and items that have been damaged with use. The only exception for the latter is in regard to non custom jewelry that fail due to normal use within 30 days of purchase. We also do not accept returns on wax goods that have been damaged or used in any degree by the end user. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this policy of non-returnable items.

How does the free gift wrapping work?

From December 1st to December 22nd purchase 1 or more items totaling $50 or more from Dangles Bangles More Co online shop or live event qualifies for one free gift wrapping service. Select the paper you want. Use code GW2 at check out to receive the $2 discount. Note: if you purchased multiple items totaling $50, all the items will be wrapped in one box unless you contact customer service prior to the item being packed for shipment. If the paper you requested is not available, an alternate will be provided.

Where else can I buy from Dangles Bangles More Co?

At the moment, Dangles Bangles More Co has satellite shops on a variety of platforms such as Amazon.com, FAIRE.com, and Etsy.com. DBMCO is also expanding to TopDawg.com. Please keep in mind that the various platforms do not all carry the same items and in other cases where they do, prices will vary due to fees charged by the various platforms.