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Dangles Bangles More Co will not take any responsibility for fraudulent purchases. However, in the event of such activity, any help Dangles Bangles More Co can provide in resolving the matter will be provided.

Dangles Bangles More Co is a purveyor of the handmade; however, the component parts used are not all made by DBMCO. DBMCO procures component parts made from different parts of the world. We therefore rely on the statements of those manufactures and merchants that sell us the items we use to make our products that they contain no lead or other harmful ingredients. Dangles Bangles More Co lists, to the best of our ability, the makeup of the materials that is used in the items sold. As such, we cannot take responsibility for any allergic reactions you endure from wearing DBMCO jewelry or clothing. However, in cases of an allergic reaction to any of the jewelry items we sell, you have the right to change the offending finding causing the irritation, coat the offending item in a solution that deters allergic reactions or return the item, intact, for a full refund. Please contact our customer service department for more details.

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