One Size Fits Most Black and Red Houndstooth Crocheted 4 Ply Acrylic All-in-One Capelet, Cowl and Hood with Golden Accents

Handmade Multi-function Red and Black Houndstooth Capelet, Cowl and Hood

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Keep your inner fashionista from hibernating this winter. From head to shoulder, these black and red All-in Ones are perfect for keeping the chill of the day at bay while maintaining your look.  The can beat the cold weather blahs without sacrificing your sense of style for comfort.  This versatile design can be worn as hood, cowl or capelet depending on your cold weather needs. Worn over or under a coat, the classic houndstooth pattern with gold accent buttons adds sophistication to any look. As a capelet, the accent buttons allows it to be worn opened to the front or at the shoulder depending on your particular style. Each All-in-One measures 11x35 inches and the double crochet stitches used in the design, while avoiding excess bulk and stiffness, provides more warmth than would be offered by knit stitches. Made of 100% acrylic yarn, this items is washer and dryers safe but as always, hand washing is best. One size fits most. This item makes a great gift.

Black, Red
Cowl, Hood, Capelet
Cowl Measure
35 x 11 inches
100% Acrylic Yarn
4 ply
Size (US)